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Piano duo by Robins Artman & Tushar Patel

Piano duo by Robins Artman & Tushar Patel
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Here Some Tips to become to best piano player:

Step-1: Try practicing about an hour a day, or half an hour if you have a busy schedule or can’t find time.

Step-2: Do extra practice whenever you have more time.

Step-3: Listen to the song or piano piece you are playing.

Step-4: Try not to look at the dynamics in a piece, as rules you cannot break.

Step-5: Practice sight-reading and don’t worry about making mistakes.

Step-6: Pay close attention to your mistakes

Step-7: Count as you play during practice according to the time signature

Step-8: Play in front of friends and family

Step-9: Ask someone to play the piece you are practicing for you

Step-10: Concentrate on playing the piece properly.

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